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Poker rakeback offers in details


GGPoker rakeback offer

60% (Fish buffet up to 60%)

+ $40.000 race or custom deal on request

+ 10/20% with leaderboards (in average, very dependant on your ranking)

+ 15/35% for spin players (Spin and gold mission)

* Fish buffet and extra rakeback based on you PVI.

GGPoker is one of the most popular poker sites among Asian players. It is the flagship product of the Good Game network.

The GGNetwork itself tries to attract as many players as possible to their sites. They are constantly adding new promotions and competitions for their players.

GGPoker highlights

  • A fast and user-friendly software
  • Mobile version available
  • A lower than average level
  • Many promotions
  • Unique features
  • Several game variants


The software is both fast and reliable and has a self-explanatory interface, which makes jumping into games almost effortless.

Both GGPoker and GGNetwork are trying to make poker fun again. Therefore, they have banned third party tools such as Holdem Manager or Pokertracker.


GGNetwork also offers players several innovative features that you won’t find anywhere else. The PokerCraft tool allows you to improve your game and compensate for the lack of third-party programs.

  • PokerCraft allows you to take a look at your game history, check your win/loss ratios, position statistics and much more.
  • Stacking to discover a new and exciting way to enjoy GGNetwork tournaments!
  • All-in insurance: No more bad beats! Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s possible at GGPoker. When you are heavily favored to go all-in, you have the possibility to buy All-In insurance to protect yourself from a possible horror that could hurt your bankroll.
  • Bubble protection: GGPoker offers a special feature for players called “Bubble Protection”. Your buy-in amount is protected and will be fully refunded if you jump to the bubble in tournaments offering this feature, provided you have registered for the tournament before the first hand is dealt.
  • Smart HUD: Now you can evaluate your opponents at a glance! With the new Smart HUD, you can quickly see your opponent’s tendencies and use them to your advantage.
  • Run it twice or 3 times: Faced with a mat, the challenger can select one of the following choices: Run It Once, Run It Twice or Run It 3 Times. Run It Twice (RIT) or Run It 3 Times (RITT) allows players to deal two or three community cards when two players go all-in.
  • Rabbit hunt: Rabbit Hunt reveals the cards that would have been turned over if a player had decided to continue playing his hand. Want to see if you would have hit your flush on the river? Use the Rabbit Hunt feature to reveal what might have happened.
  • Hand history: View your hand history and export your favorite hands and share them on social networks to discuss the move with your friends.
  • Straddle: In Cash Game games, you have the option to straddle from any position, giving you the right to act last preflop.

Game Offerings

There are many tables and tournaments organized throughout the day. GGNetwork has a growing player field, and their ongoing promotions make their cash games and tournaments even more attractive, attracting many recreational players.

In addition, you can also join the fast-paced, “All-In or Fold” or Fast-Fold poker games by opting for “Rush & Cash”.


The GG Masters is a regular Sunday tournament for the poker room (and the entire GG network), which takes place every Sunday at 7pm. This special event has a buy-in of $150 and a guaranteed prize pool of $500,000, which we like. It is played in a freezeout format.

The network takes an 8% rake on the buy-in as a tournament fee, which equals $12, and the remaining $138 goes towards the prize pool.


The Hold’em area offers cash games ranging from Micro Stakes in NL5 to VIP Games Super High Stakes games with the highest stakes online.

GGPoker offers 6-Max and 9-Max tables and games running 24/7. You will have no problem finding tables to join.


La zone Omaha propose des parties de cash game allant des Micro Stakes en PLO10 jusqu’aux parties VIP Games Super High Stakes avec les enjeux les plus élevés en ligne.

Short Deck

Short Deck Poker, also known as Hold’em 6+, is gaining popularity in the poker world and more and more operators are starting to offer cash games (and even tournaments) in this variant on their platforms.

This poker format is suitable for both high rollers and recreational players. These games are always more exciting, as they are filled with exciting moments and amazing twists and turns.

GGPoker is one of the poker rooms that offer short deck format games. There are tables for everyone, which means that even players who play at the lower limits can play at the short deck tables.


GGPoker offers a wide variety of tournaments for all tastes.

Tournaments are held in a variety of formats and with a variety of buy-ins. Players can qualify for the desired tournament through satellites or pay the entry fee directly.

Please note that all GGPoker tournaments are doubled in guarantee on Sundays.

Spin & Gold

Spin the wheel and nothing goes right! Spin & Gold is GGPoker’s answer to the various poker operators offering the popular Spin & Go format, those famous hyper turbo 3-max SnGs.

The payout is determined after a spin of the wheel allowing you to multiply your winnings.

All-in or Fold

With only 8 big blinds, you have the choice of going all-in or folding your hand. This variant is a GGPoker exclusive available in both Hold’Em and Omaha.

All-In or Fold is an exciting poker variant that keeps things simple and fast.

Every time you All-In, you have the opportunity to complete missions and hit the jackpot!

Rush & Cash

Rush & Cash is GGPoker’s Fast-Fold variant.

It’s similar to regular cash game tables, however, you don’t have to wait after you fold. You are immediately moved to another table and dealt a hand!

Cash Drops tables bring a little more excitement to the table with money falling out of the sky and adding to the pre-flop pot!

Vip Games Super High Stakes

In the VIP Games section you can find the highest stakes cash games online. Available variants: Hold’Em, Omaha and Short Deck.

Fish factor

GGPoker is attracting new players through thoughtful marketing and recreational players are taking the bait. It’s a great place to have a good time at the tables.

GGPoker is sure to have one of the weakest fields. Stay focused and exploit the flaws in your opponents’ game to increase your bankroll!

Rake & Bonus

The rake in Hold’Em cash games is 5%. The rake is capped at a certain amount depending on the limit. For example, $5 in NL100 and $6 in NL200.

In Pot Limit Omaha, the rake is 3% on all pots.

Fish buffet rakeback on GGpoker

Fish Buffet is an exclusive loyalty program that runs in the GGPoker poker room and throughout the GGNetwork. The more you play, the more rewards you get. The GGPoker Rewards system offers players up to 100% rakeback.

You automatically become a member of the VIP program after registering an account at GGPoker. For every $0.01 of rake generated, you will receive 1 Fish Buffet Point (FP).

The Fish Buffet Rewards program has 7 different statuses and 25 levels. Each status has certain requirements regarding the number of FPs earned and the validity period.

GGPoker mobile application

You can also join the action by installing the GGPoker mobile application. The app was developed by poker experts and provides an excellent interface that makes playing on mobile devices more comfortable than ever.

The GGPoker mobile application is available for the most popular operating systems and mobile devices such as iOS and Android

With the new multi-table feature, players can even play up to four tables at once. Select the tables you want to play at to start multi-tabling.

You don’t even have to turn your phone sideways; Betting Gears lets you take control of the tables and actions with your thumb.

Install GGPoker on your mobile:

Please head over to GGPoker and follow the steps below if you want to make sure you install the app correctly on your mobile device.


Go to Settings and check ”Unknown sources”.
Click on Install.
Enjoy your favorite games wherever you are.


Go to Settings -> General
Select Device Management (for iOS 9.1 or lower, go to Profile to view)
Select “NSUS Ltd.” then select “Trust NSUS Ltd.”


GGPoker is truly the ideal poker site for beginners and experienced players alike. Nowhere else will you find such a low level of play. Even more so in these times of semi-confinement where many recreational players have joined the Asian room.

Attendance is steadily increasing. It is one of the top 5 most popular rooms in the world, with a traffic equivalent to PokerStars Europe. Daniel Negreanu himself recently joined the room as an ambassador. The Canadian, 3rd on the All Time Money List with over $42 million in career winnings, promotes the room daily on social media. His notoriety should help bring in even more players soon and allow the room to offer even higher guarantees in its events.

The game variants are interesting and the tournament offer is rich. The bonuses are not subject to 10,000 conditions and are among the most generous on the circuit. Frankly, it’s worth making a first deposit at this site and seeing for yourself.

Partypoker rakeback offer

40% weekly cashback (up to 40% from partypoker)

+ 18% extra rakeback (30% extra rakeback on net rake = 16-20%)

+ 5% (in average with $50000 race monthly)

+ 15% (with spin or SnG leaderboards)


= 78%

+ 10% (if Diamond Club: 100k rake on last 12 months)


+ 22.5% + tickets + package (if Diamond Club Elite: 200k rake on last 12 months)

PartyPoker is one of the leading platforms offering poker games over the internet. Moreover, PartyPoker is also one of the few platforms that focuses exclusively on one form of gambling. At PartyPoker, the 2021 experience shows that the platform is one of the top providers in the industry for a reason. It pays to concentrate on one form of gambling and to build up a solid and high-quality offer. This is how PartyPoker was able to stay in the top ranks of providers despite the economic crisis. PartyPoker was able to collect many plus points in the test after its relaunch in 2013. Especially attractive are the cooperations with betting providers such as Bwin, which put the platform in a top position among the providers, especially in Europe.

Security at PartyPoker in the test

Security and trust play a major role for users who take advantage of digital gambling offers. Therefore, security is an important topic at PartyPoker. The platform is equipped with numerous security mechanisms. These include, for example, various encryption technologies that ensure that unauthorised third parties cannot spy on the communication between server and client. This is particularly important for processes in which sensitive data is exchanged, such as the credit card number when making a deposit.

The advantage of PartyPoker is that even the transactions are subject to the same standards as those in international banking. Not only are the transactions and personal data subject to high security standards, but also the software behind PartyPoker is well thought out. The cards are shuffled with a technically sophisticated random number generator so that chance really does dominate.

The strength of the software also shows when, for example, many players use the platform at the same time. Of course, this is what makes it so appealing, but it also poses challenges for the servers, which PartyPoker has mastered very well so far. However, the graphics could be more attractive. Some of them still have the charm of the first poker games for the PC, although there are of course also fans of these graphics, which give a nostalgic flair.

Registration at PartyPoker with welcome bonus

New customers receive an attractive welcome bonus at PartyPoker. Up to $30 awaits players after their first deposit. However, a minimum deposit of $10 is required for the welcome bonus to be credited. This bonus must be played through and cannot be withdrawn.


In order to play at partypoker, users must download the virtual poker room and install it locally on their PC. This has the advantage, especially with regard to the graphics or the software running in the background, that the browser does not interfere with the game feeling, for example by objects not being displayed correctly.

Once the software is installed, users can create an account. This requires details such as a user name and an e-mail address. The advantage is that immediately after registering, users can get started and use the poker room even before they have deposited money. Of course, they then play with virtual money, which is also not withdrawable. However, those who first want to test whether PartyPoker or poker in general is the right thing for them have the advantage that the games can be tested without actually losing any money.

If you like the game and the poker room, you can then deposit real money and claim the welcome bonus at PartyPoker. In addition, a deposit also unlocks numerous other functions, which can of course also bring attractive winnings.

PartyPoker deposit experience 2021

The experiences at PartyPoker 2021 have shown that increasing forms of payment are offered. This has the advantage that significantly more players are addressed. Numerous providers such as VISA or MasterCard are already supported for card payments. In addition, digital forms of payment are becoming increasingly important. Therefore, customers can also top up their account with PayPal, Paysafecard and other digital forms of payment. The advantage of these digital forms of payment is that they are very secure and should there be a problem, the customer is on the safe side and there is no risk of high losses.

In addition to the deposit, the withdrawal is also interesting. A maximum of 20,000 dollars can be paid out at once. As a rule, it takes up to three days until the payout is carried out. For the payout, however, the user must have verified himself at the platform with identification documents.

Get freerolls at PartyPoker

New customers get freerolls at PartyPoker. These are also linked to a deposit, but have the advantage that players do not have to spend any money on them. Two freerolls are available to players after their first deposit for a maximum period of 60 days. These freerolls have a value of 100 dollars and by participating in freerolls, players can also collect achievements that bring attractive bonuses. In addition, players have the opportunity to climb up the PartyPoker rankings via the freerolls.

The rewards show why it is worth participating in the freerolls. Compared to other providers, PartyPoker offers more attractive bonuses in the test, which are rewarded with up to 30,000. PartyPoker announces when the freerolls will take place in its own calendar so that every player has the chance to participate.

PartyPoker no deposit bonus

If you take a look at the offer, you will notice that there is a no deposit bonus at PartyPoker. Not just one bonus, but several bonuses await the players. For example, players can win a prize every week if they are below the minimum number of points. This is especially interesting for those players who only occasionally participate in a tournament.

Those who play frequently, on the other hand, can enjoy an attractive loyalty programme in which up to 40% of the money is refunded. The prerequisite for this, however, is that at least 25 points per week have been reached. From 25 points upwards, there is already a 20% cashback. The refunds are staggered in four levels and only from 601 points do players receive the full 40% refund. The advantage is that no virtual money is refunded that has to be gambled away, but the bonus is credited directly as money to the account of the respective player.

The game offer at PartyPoker in the evaluation

It is of course understandable that a poker provider does not come up with countless games. In any case, PartyPoker can score points in the rating for having the most popular poker variants on offer. First and foremost, this includes Texas Hold’em Poker, which must be mandatory for every provider. There are several variants with limit, no limit or pot limit.

In any case, PartyPoker can score points in the rating with some exciting variants that other providers do not have. These include, for example, a fast speed poker version in which the player is immediately moved to another table after a folded hand. Here, even professionals are challenged once again.

Attractive winnings are of course to be had in the tournaments. In the tournaments, PartyPoker mainly offered the variants Texas Hold’em and Omaha in the test. PartyPoker was able to score points in the evaluation by offering in-house tournaments. There are around 150 different tournaments per week, which are available in different levels. This has the advantage that beginners can also gain their first experience. The buy in starts at 2.20 dollars and at the highest level it is 109 dollars. The advantage is that there is a guaranteed prize sum of 1.6 million dollars per week in the post. Therefore, it is definitely worthwhile to deal intensively with the game. However, if you are not yet ready for the big pot, you can also use satellites with a low stake in the live events of only 0.01 dollars.

Conclusion PartyPoker: the 2021 experience

At PartyPoker, the experiences in 2021 are quite positive. It is good, for example, that PartyPoker offers a no deposit bonus and above all that loyal players are rewarded with interesting cashback payments. This distinguishes above all reputable providers who do not simply want to attract customers to their platform, but also want to offer something to the customers.

PartyPoker has shown in the test that it has a solid range of games. This is satisfactory, but still expandable. More attractive variants could definitely be offered here. However, PartyPoker has the advantage that it can continue to develop here in the coming years and offer players new surprises.

PartyPoker has scored quite a few points in the rating for many services. In general, the entire infrastructure is designed in such a way that both beginners and professionals feel comfortable and they even make an effort to build a community. For this purpose, there is a separate area for the players. In addition, there is comprehensive information on the games or playing techniques. All in all, PartyPoker is not one of the leading providers without reason, because the overall package is right. The range of games is so large that everyone from beginners to professionals can feel at home. The platform also offers players some exciting extras with the live events, which sets PartyPoker apart from other providers.

RedStar rakeback offer

35% rakeback (standard program, up to 35% after only 500$ of rake)

+ 25% extra rakeback (on net rake)

+ 5% (via $300 bonus reload)


= 55%

+ $2000 deposit bonus

+ Twister races and Cash Game races

RedStar Bonuses, Cashback & Promotions

In this section you will find a detailed description of all bonuses and promotions from the poker room, which can be of interest to all players and allow you to get additional rewards from playing at redstar poker. All of the above bonuses and promotions are offered by the poker room and may also be subject to additional eligibility requirements, such as activation. First Deposit Bonus is available to all new players, who have registered a poker room account and deposited according to the terms and conditions of the promotion.

200% first deposit bonus up to $2,000

All new players signed up at RedStar Poker Room have the chance to get a 200% first deposit bonus up to $2,000 for the next 60 days. Simply make your first deposit and receive an additional 200% bonus.

The bonus is wagered at €2 for every 200 RSP Points which will be equivalent to earning an additional +10% rakeback. The wagering period for the first deposit bonus is 60 days from the date of receipt.

Loyalty scheme with rakeback up to 35%

RedStar offers all of their players a simple and convenient rakeback loyalty scheme that allows you to earn between 20% and 35% rakeback depending on your rakeback status in the room.
For every €1 rake the poker room awards 10 Status Points (SP) which player can exchange for cash via the game client. The exchange rate depends on your status in the poker room.

Important: RSP Points are automatically lost on the last day of each month, so do not forget to exchange them on the last day of the month after the game session.

There are two VIP levels in total: Red for beginners and Star for advanced players. You can see their conditions and exchange rates below in the spoiler below.

Monthly Reload Bonus 100% up to $300

In addition, we will be giving our players a monthly Reload Bonus of 100% up to $300 for 60 days, giving them an additional 5% rakeback – redeemable in €1 increments for every 200 points. The Reload Bonus can be activated after the first deposit bonus has expired.

iPoker TwisterRaces €50,000 race

Fans of the cgi jackpot tournaments will love the new €50,000 rake race that will be held every month. It will be divided into 4 races of 7 days each.

The top 250 players of each period will be awarded with a €1,000 cash prize for the first place player. The prizes will be credited to the player’s account 48 hours after the end of the current rake-race period. The full prize table can be seen by clicking on the spoiler.

RedStar rake

The entire iPoker network rake is 5% with a maximum rake cap of €4 except for NL2-NL10 which is a micro-limit with a 6.67% rake. The network has a No Flop – No Drop policy i.e. no rake is taken from the pot that hasn’t reached the post-flop. A detailed rake cap table can be found below.

There is an important difference between RedStar and other iPoker rooms. The entire iPoker network has a Source Based Rake system – which is advantageous to those players who play from their own deposit (i.e. are not regulators).

However, at RedStar poker room the system of SBR does not work and all players are on an equal footing and rake can be easily tracked with the help of poker trackers.

RedStar assistance

If you experience any problems with your RedStar Poker Room account we strongly recommend that you contact the poker room directly, using the following contact details:

Email: support@redstarpoker.com
Callback: Send an email and request to be contacted
Account Verification: support@redstarpoker.com
Online Chat on RedStar’s website

Why choosing us?

We proposing the best offers to players:

  • Best rakeback percentage return because we have the best deals and taking less comission
  • Flat rakeback, so you don’t need to play more to have better percentage.


We are playing everyday on the tables, on different games, stakes and networks.

It’s providing us a lot of experience of the games and we can help you to find the best solutions who will suit you (optimization of rakeback, best time to play, reg ratio on the tables, etc.)

You can reach us by any way at any time of the day and will get back to you in less than 24h. You will have a private agent for your rakeback and other questions.

We have a multilingual support: you can contact us in English, French and Russian.


We are working only with serious people, who pay on time and answering quickly. Contacts than we can trust because they already providing extra rakeback for our private accounts, spent many time in this business and have good reputation.

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